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At the beginning of this century it is difficult to contemplate compassion without competition because that seems to be the one god we can worship to ensure our long-term survival. With recent world events it has become unnecessary to question the essence of competition and division because the world assumes this is a normal condition of life. However, we believe human beings are not innately greedy or violent and that humanity is an extension of the human soul.

- We believe in the mystery of the human soul.

What is the role art plays in bringing about peace? When the world was torn by the ravages of war in the 1930s and 1940s, people throughout the world were watching and enjoying Charlie Chaplin's great films. While Russia and Germany fought over territories, the Russian people admired Goethe and the German people were reading the works of Dostoevsky. Real art never loses touch with people... it is universal. Art has always transcended social and political boundaries and has made an unquestionable mark on our culture, and has always provided an example of bringing about love, compassion and tenderness as an alternative to the battle for survival.

- We believe in a world with a vision of compassion.

We believe that art is a more universal home for spirituality than any government or nationality. Our conviction is that we are not wolves out to hunt the enemy pack. We realize we are consumed by a "domination" consciousness and we have a real need to reveal our capacities for compassion, healing and love that lives within us all. We as a humanity need to think about our future, a future without scarcity and domination, without war and atrocities. It is our conviction for today's world and tomorrow that we can survive without fighting.

- We believe art overcomes borders.

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