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Boozhie-man, my Boozhie-man,
Don't stand alone in sand,
Let's give each other hand
And form incredible band!

Boozhie-man, my Boozhie-man,
Let's change, I know you can,
You'll be this marvelous Dan
And I'll be your another fan.

Boozhie-man, my Boozhie-man,
We don't have to be on the run,
We don't have to fear the sun,
We can stay here and have fun.

Boozhie-man, my Boozhie-man,
Let's don't be afraid of them,
Be afraid of faceless end,
Be afraid of living dead.

Boozhie-man, my Boozhie-man,
Don't stand alone in sand,
Let's give each other hand,
And form a greatest band.

Boozhie-man, my Boozhie-man,
Let's start, I know you can,
Let's just stop fearing them,
And be each other's friend.

Boozhie-man, my Boozhie-man,
Let's change, I know you can!


I am a full time, young worker
And I'm a slave of my own mortgage,
Payments are due every month,
And also visits to my aunt.
I need to accumulate my property,
A dream of my friend Lilly Daugherty,
I follow this step-by-step process,
And I'll be wealthier than Malcolm X.
That's what my dear Mama told me,
When she used to talk and also hold me,
If you are not that wealthy,
You can be sure you are not healthy.
I was told this every day,
And I'm a mortgage slave today.
And then I met this gorgeous girl,
I fell in love, I don't know when,
I told her I have a house,
And I always watch my Mickey Mouse,
That I have very, very busy days,
Todays, tomorrows, yesterdays.
She told me she doesn't care about my house,
Neither she likes Mickey Mouse,
She said she just wants to have my heart,
It's not important if I have good credit card.
But I don't have time to give her heart,
I need to do too many things,
She does not want me to have all that,
She says life will be little too sad.
I want to give her all my heart,
But I don't know when I should start,
Oh, Mammy, Mammy I am a good boy,
But I don't want to be a mortgage toy,
Hey, Mr. Lincoln come to the world again
And liberate me from a faceless slavery,
Slavery of my mortgage, that I owe
And make me free to love, love, love.


Where is, where is Gina Bartlett?..
I'm looking for some joy,
When my heart is unemployed,
When my soul is overtoiled!

My soul is screaming very loud,
To overcome the greyhood cloud,
To treasure every gorgeous sound
Gina Bartlett, I am so proud!

Where is, where is Gina Bartlett?
Can I find her in this crowd?
Is she happiness that I found?
Gina Bartlett I'm so proud!

Where is, where is Gina Bartlett?
What is, what is our possession?
Where is, where is our obsession,
When are we gonna start next session?!

Where is, where is Gina Bartlett,
In the desert of Ninety-nine?
Is humanity feeling fine?
Are those stars going to shine?

Where is, where is Gina Bartlett?
And I don't know where life is heading,
And I don't know what is more steady,
But, Gina Bartlett, I am ready!

Where is, where is Gina Bartlett?!
What's going to happen in six months?!
When could I perform this dance?!
When will beauty get its chance?!


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