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Leo's Market

An Historic Cultural Project

Preserving the
Delta Blues

Located at the corner of Highway 8 and Highway 1 in Rosedale, Mississippi, some say Leo's Market is at the legendary Crossroads that Robert Johnson once sang about. The Crossroads represents the moment of truth... a moment of decision, and today a project is underway there to record the last of the authentic bluesmen in the Mississippi Delta region. This project is supported by the Musicians' Outreach for Very Excellent Education in an effort to preserve musical history and contribute to blues education.


Cadillac John

Cadillac John has a voice as smooth as honey. A singer/songwriter, his delivery is country to the root. Love the Delta Blues? You haven't heard the whole story until you've heard this man.

What does John say about blues education?
Without blues, there wouldn't be a lot of music you hear today. You have to know the blues. And blues is happy, it is sad, it is everything that makes us human beings.

This is Cadillac John. In the background is Levan, a multi- talented musician who plays in the traditional style.

Leo's Market is the best of the past, present and future of blues music.


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