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Irakli Kakabadze's articles and stories have been published in Georgian, Russian and English newspapers and magazines. Fifteen short stories were published in Georgian and English publications. Allegro- or the Chronicle of One Year received the 1990 Best Literary Creation Award from the Georgian magazine Tsiskari. Irakli has also served as editor for a journal of critical essays in peace studies and the Graduate Students in Conflict Studies - GSCS Newsletter published at George Mason University.

Irakli was born in the Republic of Georgia of the former Soviet Union. His father, Zurab Kakabadze, was a renowned Georgian existentialist philosopher. His mother, Natia Amirejibi, is a leading film critic in Georgia. Irakli studied 20th century philosophy and sociology at Tbilisi State University. In the late 1980's, he was key leader of the student opposition to the Soviet government. By the age of 20, he was the youngest member of the National Forum of Georgia, the leading national liberation movement. He has worked as a correspondent for the Voice of America's Georgian Service at the United Nations, and as a language and culture instructor for the Foreign Service Institute. He currently works as a Program Associate at the National Peace Foundation in Washington, DC where he focuses his efforts on coordinating various peace conferences and forums for the South Caucasus region of Eastern Europe. Irakli holds an M.S. degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University in Virginia.



Daniel McFarland's poems are published in various literary and peace studies magazines and journals. He edited Conflict Resolution: Challenges for the Times, a book on psycho-social approaches to local and global conflict, and the GSCS Newsletter, where he introduced the series, "In the Cradle with Dionysus and Apollo" featuring prose and poetry works of writers in peace studies. He is editor for The Mediator, on the editorial staff for a children's poetry magazine, Bates Literary Magazine, and a past associate for the national literary quarterly Phoebe.

Daniel was raised in Bar Harbor, Mount Desert Island, Maine and has lived in the Virgin Island, Annapolis, Maryland; and Virginia. His mother, Ethel McFarland, was a music artist, dance performer, and host for radio and television music broadcasts. Daniel has an M.S. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University in Virginia. He studied psychology, international relations, and economics at Towson State University in Baltimore and has a B.A. in International Relations. He is an instructor and trainer for the Maryland school system.



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