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Shmazi began when two students from George Mason University's graduate program in Conflict Analysis & Resolution, Irakli Kakabadze of the Republic of Georgia and Daniel McFarland of the United States, decided to explore the use of the arts as a medium for drawing people of different backgrounds and beliefs closer together. Their theory was that by introducing the arts, mediums to which all people are drawn and enjoy, those with conflicting interests and viewpoints could learn to respect and love those that are different from them.

The impetus of Shmazi is the Shmazi Performance, which integrates music and poetry into an interactive community theater. The goal is to empower the youth culture to reduce violence through positive community building, using the arts as a medium to overcome cultural borders and restraints.

Shmazi has since grown to become an international performance phenomenon in which artists from the world over have contributed via a variety of art forms - music, dance, theatre, film, poetry and prose. Funds collected during Shmazi performances are donated to support the arts and/or various humanitarian causes, including music education. is now the ultimate online artists' community dedicated to the fine art of peace building!

To get the most of shmazi, you need to join the Shmazi Community. Join our mailing list so we can bring you up to the minute news on advances in education and the arts and the travels and experiences of the the McFarland Brothers and the Shmazi Band..

And be sure to join our e-mail club to find out more about the Musicians' Outreach for Very Excellent Education, an outreach program in which the Shmazi Band plays interactively with students in Shmazi Performances, which feature poetry and philosophy readings set to background music provided by the Shmazi Band, and conflict resolution seminars provided by Daniel McFarland. Join us today and be shmazi, get shmazi!

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