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beastly originated human
take me and we shall shake the trees
drill inside and we may cast aside
your doubted pleasuring dreams

beastly originated human
fill me with the rapture of your wine
lick of my tantalizing juices
in drunken, raging time

beastly originated human
be so wild to seem boldly natural
to a god

beastly originated human
unleash your animal inside

- Daniel McFarland


"There is a just and perfect law that I have found behind the exterior of society, which equalizes misery, prosperity, and ignorance; it does not prefer one nation to another,nor does it oppress one trie in order to enrich another."
- Kahlil Gibran

you would enver know what her people say
about this love starved one
conceived long ago in a motherly kiss,
ending in her blood drawn

for years her serenade harbored hearts
that coveted her in legend and myth -
they always did as their ancestors said,
to claim the vestal angel

in hustle town the deal was made
to bury a mighty curse -
pilpher the dowery a god had given
and chain her gentle wrists

men as tall as the oaken trees
and strong as the tidal seas
captured their pride by raping the bride
married to celestine memories

now mournful eyes rest on a peace
that came on wings of life,
sworn dead souls resting in their camps
cannot rise out of the crime

she still sings in sun and twilight echoes
amidst hot scratches against her bosom -
unbounded love, starved and resisting
cries of retribution



and so we stand a perpertual repetition
when starved of vision;
we had to starve, to swallow the hunger,
repress an untamed meal,
it would have saturated our gullet;
but, cold as the carver's blade,
desperation cut from the panging,
to the core of resounding human thoughts,
the species shaken, flushed,
gone in the brief madness that consumes
until the lining has eaten
the last remembrance of mucus and acid
that passed the remains some time ago,
to the settling quiet, the numbing pain
that no longer grasps a morsel of the devoured -
only then at ease,
the consumer and the respondent:
one the fat and half-gnawed meal
in excess from his wounds,
the other, to air,
drying a stretched canvas against bone.

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